Unemployment Benefit Denial

Unemployment insurance benefits can provide individuals with income when they are separated from work. Information on application, eligibility, disqualification and appeal rights can be found on the web site of the state unemployment agency.

Unemployment insurance benefit denials usually occur when questions arise regarding whether the claimant is disqualified due to either misconduct or voluntary unemployment not attributable to the employer. Other denials occur when the agency questions whether the claimant intentionally submitted false, misleading, or fraudulent information to obtain benefits.

When a denial occurs, the agency provides the claimant with specific information on how to appeal or protest the decision.  Moreover, the agency advises the claimant of the filing deadline that must be met when initiating an appeal. In some cases, the agency may provide the claimant with an advocate to represent the claimant in an appeal hearing at no charge. Unfortunately, the agency cannot provide an advocate to every claimant. Moreover, an advocate may not be available for all steps of the appeal process.

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